Scholarship Info

For those who intend to study in Taiwan by scholarship, one of the scholarships that could be an option is Taiwan Scholarship. Taiwan Scholarship is a prestigious and highly competitive scholarship scheme for international students who possess prior excellent academic performance and good moral character. The Taiwan Scholarship program was established jointly by three government agencies of the Republic of China (Taiwan) – the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (NSC).
Further information about Taiwan scholarship can be found at Taiwan Scholarship Information.

Some universities also offering scholarships to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree studies in Taiwan. Scholarships which are available at each university around Tainan varies depending on their respective policies. Here are some guidelines :

(1) National Cheng Kung Univeristy (NCKU) – 國立成功大學

Please refer to NCKU Scholarship Information for further information.

(2) National University of Tainan (NUTN) – 國立臺南大學

Please refer to NUTN Scholarship Information for further information.

(3) Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA) – 國立臺南藝術大學

Please refer to TNNUA Scholarship Information for further information.

(4) Southern Taiwan University (STUST) -南台科技大學

Please refer to STUST Scholarship Information for further information.