Get to Tainan

Getting to Tainan is easy and convenient. There are flights from all major European, American, and Asian cities to Taoyuan CKS International Airport (about 32 Km southwest of Taipei). Garuda Indonesia in cooperation with China Airlines and Eva Air serve daily direct flight from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Taoyuan International Airport. Take a bus to High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station, take the high speed train to the Tainan Station, and then take a free shuttle bus to the National Cheng Kung University, Tainan City. You will have no problem checking with your travel agent.

In another way, you may consider to arrive at the Kaohsiung International Airport, which is about 50 km south from Tainan City. There are flights daily from Soekarno-Hatta via Hongkong from China Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines to Kaohsiung. From Kaohsiung International Airport, you can take the High Speed Rail or a regular train to Tainan City.

How to get to National Cheng Kung University from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

1. By THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail)

High speed rail also connects Tainan from all major cities within Taiwan. It costs around NT$1300 (one way) from High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station to High Speed Rail Tainan Station. It takes around 1 hour from Taoyuan to Tainan.
When you first arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you can take shuttle buses to HSR Taoyuan station.
Shuttle Bus Stops:
Terminal I: On the north side of the Departure Hall.
Terminal II: On the southeast side of the Arrival.

  • Service Hours: 06:00AM to 02:00AM (bus arrives every 10-30 minutes)
  • Fare: Adult NT$30、 Children/Senior/Disabled NT$15
  • Please make sure that you buy tickets at the counters before you take shuttle buses.

After you arrive at HSR Tainan Station, you can go to Exit 2 to take free shuttle buses (Route 2) to National Cheng Kung University.

2. By Train

There are comfortable trains from Taipei Main Railway Station. It costs around NT$700 (one way) from Taipei Main Railway Station to Tainan Railway Station. It takes 4-5 hours from Taoyuan to Tainan. For more information about timetables and prices visit the site of Taiwan Railway.

 3. By Bus

There are few options for bus but most people prefer HoHsin or Ubus because they are more trusted.
Go to the bus station in Taoyuan International Airport, place order to go to Tainan, price range NT$280 – 350 (one way) for Ubus and NT$350 – 700 (one way) for HoHsin. You will get transferred to other bus after 30 minutes. Enjoy your 4-5 hours trip and stop at Tainan Park or Beimen Road. From there, you can walk for 20 minutes to NCKU or take taxi, it costs around NT$100 to get to NCKU.

How to get to National Cheng Kung University from Kaohsiung International Airport

1. By Train

  • International Terminal exit 6 to Kaohsiung International Airport station, other exits are located at the parking lot.
  • Service Hours: 06:00 AM to 00:00 AM (train arrives every 10-30 minutes)
  • Fare: Adult NT$35(From Kaohsiung International Airport station to Kaohsiung Station )
  • Route time between Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport to Kaohsiung Station is about 20 minutes

General One Way Fare:
Tze Chiang:NT$ 107,around 30 min
Chu Kuang:NT$ 83,around 45 min
Local train: NT$ 68,around 60 min
After you arrive at Tainan Station, you can go to Exit 2 and walk to National Cheng Kung University in few minutes.