As an Indonesian students which pursuing academic degree in Tainan, Taiwan, we have an obligation to form a familiarity union between Indonesian students in order to establish responsible scientific society, promote the general welfare, and communicate with international society. With Almighty God’s grace we establish Indonesian student union in Tainan, Taiwan based on Republic Indonesia Constitution  and  Pancasila.


Indonesian student union in Tainan-Taiwan (in Indonesian : Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Tainan-Taiwan, in short: PPI Tainan)


Tainan, Taiwan

Established at

December 30, 2007


“Rawe-rawe rantas, malang-malang putung. Maju terus pantang mundur”


Seal of PPI Tainan is the island of Taiwan in green wears a black graduation hat symbolizes PPI Tainan is a student union. Above the island of Taiwan there is PPI Tainan letters in red and white, inside the “I” letter there are Chinese characters印尼, which means Indonesia. Red dot at Taiwan Island is the position of Tainan and next to it is “Tainan” letter.

Foundation, Principle, Characteristic and Status

  • Foundation and Principle : Constitution of Indonesia and Pancasila.
  • Characteristic  : Familiarity and sets out intellectuality.
  • Status  : Independent.


  • Provide an opportunity to enhance knowledge and skill all the members.
  • Assist all members to become responsible scientific society in order to create fair and welfare Indonesian society.
  • Promote and acquaint Indonesia and Indonesian culture.

This website was established on March 2010 belonging on the name of ppi tainan