Web developer – Nordling Lab – NCKU


The Nordling Lab, National Cheng Kung University

The contents of this position

  1. Web development using WordPress and Django.
  2. Setup and configuration of databases, such as PostgreSQL.
  3. Demonstrate and teach best practices of test based software development to app. 15 ambitious students in the lab.
  4. Review, test, and approve code written by students in the lab.


The Nordling Lab is doing potentially lifesaving interdisciplinary research that involves our core competence in data science and mathematical modelling of biological and cyber-physical systems. We recently got a large 4-year grant to study human learning and cognitive development, in order to develop new learning methods for artificial neural networks (ANNs) and do early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We are currently building smart toys, containing sensors and actuators that enable us to record longitudinal data on how children interact with the toy and thus study development of the sensorimotor function. We plan to obtain data almost daily, following each child from roughly 3-months until 3-years of age. We plan to use system identification techniques to derive dynamical models within the dynamical systems theory framework that over the past decade has risen as a model for explaining cognitive development. We believe these models will shed new insights into human learning and development. Today a human can from a single example learn what it takes an ANN thousands or millions of examples. Through bio-mimicking, we plan to create a more data efficient method for training ANNs and do early detection of AD from the scarce labelled data that exists.

To implement our research project, we need to develop several web services. We are therefore now hiring a Web developer. As our Web developer, your task will be to develop our lab website in WordPress, help students to develop, e.g. data visualisation and information retrieval services, using Django and JavaScript packages, such as Node.js and D3.js. Each software as a service solution should be built for deployment in Docker containers to make it easy to deploy, scale, and maintain by our DevOps. We use GIT for version control and Scrum, Kanban, or task based project management, depending on what is most suitable. You will also be responsible for implementing best test based software development practices, demonstrating and teaching them to all students in the lab. You are expected to plan and execute your own work with the help of all students in the lab, as well as help the students with their software development. You should on average spend a minimum of half an hour per day reading and learning the latest web development tools and practices.

Required Skills and Experience

  1. Previous experience of web development using WordPress (minimum 1 year).
  2. Practitioner of test based development.
  3. Knowledge of GIT, SQL, and Google Analytics.
  4. Fluent in HTML/CSS, Python, and JavaScript.
  5. Familiarity with UML, Django, NGINX, and Gunicorn.
  6. Ability to speak English. (We have many foreign students).
  7. Most importantly, passion for learning and implementing the latest technology.

Working Time

4 hours almost every week day between 9:00 and 17:00 in lab. The rest of the time required to reach a normal full-time job you can decide yourself when and from where you work. The only important thing is that the job gets done.


Standard governmental contract, so two weeks and national holidays are off per year.


  1. Be part of a friendly dynamic international team.
  2. Work with state of the web development technology and software development practices.
  3. Both teach students and challenge yourself to learn the latest technology and practices in our strive for excellence.
  4. Practice English daily and prepare for an international career as a Web developer.
  5. Be part of building web services and creating open-source software that generates new knowledge and improves the life of people.
  6. Get public credit for your work by being listed as an author in the web services and open-source software that you contribute to.
  7. An opportunity to join the startup that we plan to launch in 2022.
  8. Get one step closer to realising your future dream or live it with us.
  9. Flexible working hours with balance between family and work life.


According to the guidelines by the Ministry of Technology and Science the salary of a Bachelor is 33 045 – 44 268 TWD/month and a Master is 37 410 – 49 256 TWD/month, depending on experience with room for negotiation. In practice, you will get the highest salary that you can motivate.


To apply, please, email your current CV (in English) and a link to your GitHub/Bitbucket user profile or similar.


Principal Investigator:

Torbjörn Nordling, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Assistant Professor

Phone: +886 (0)6 275 7575 Ext. 62164

Fax: +886 (0)6 235 2973

Email: martin@mail.ncku.edu.tw