Football And Togetherness

An accurate crossing sent by Dedi, Master Student of STUST, from the right side of the field, flies freely towards the heart of defense area. Just in a millisecond, Ahmad, Master Student of NCKU, deflects it to be a priceless goal to Vietnam Student Club of NCKU. This goal and hundreds of Surya’s acrobatic goalkeeper save, finally, escort Indonesian team to the phase of semifinal.

This moment happens in Vietnam Student Association (VSA) Football Championship 2017, today (4/15) at STUST’s football field. There are 6 football clubs in this competition in which Indonesia Student Association (ISA) Football club as special guest. Those club are divided in two groups, where the top2 highest points oncoming to semifinal. As annual event, VSA Football Championship 2017 is actually a part of Vietnam Culture Week (VCW) series in 2017. Roman, the President of VSA states that VCW aims to promote Vietnam’s culture in Tainan city. Besides sport competitions, there would be food festival, art performing, and other excited activities. All of them is free. Supported by Organization of International Office (OIA), VCW’s main event would be held on April 22nd at NCKU’s hall. There is a vicious hope that through this event communication between Vietnam’s student and other international and local students would be warmer in future.

For Indonesian students, the meaning of VSA Football Championship 2017 is actually beyond a game, because today is the day where togetherness and kinship increasingly tightened. In this game, all of Indonesian student characteristics have been represented. ISA is a great organization covering student who study in different universities, degrees (BA, Master, PhD), and even cultures, given that Indonesia has hundreds traditional cultures. Yet, all of these different smoothly melt in a togetherness to create happiness. Iqbal, the President of ISA, said “… happiness with togetherness”, meaning that the togetherness of Indonesian student with their different would lead to happiness for everyone. And football is one of the most effective way to reach it.

In line to this, kinship is another outstanding atmosphere between IndonesiaVietnam’s students felt in this game. For Indonesia student, there are not ‘competition’ and even ‘friend’ in this game. There merely are ‘kinship’ and ‘brotherhood’. It is difficult to say competition, when Indonesian student celebrates Vietnam’s goal against them, on contrary, Vietnam student congrats Indonesia’s goal against them. Both of them ignore the goal, just focus on kinship. Aldilla, the Chief of Sports Division of ISA said, “…as if they think we are their family…”. The similar statement represented by Roman, “… Indonesian is so friendly…”.

Indonesian-Vietnam student relationship is tightened. “…congratulation for your proud event. We do really appreciate for participating in your event. Hopefully brotherhood among us will always be kept!”, said Iqbal as an obvious commitment to support VCW. *** (Enk)

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