PPI Tainan Dragon Boat Festival

Monday, June 10, 2013, is an unforgettable day for me. That day was my first time in my life to join “Dragon Boat Festival” which was held by Tainan City Government. This festival was located at Anping Canal. In this festival, I joined in “Indonesia Dragon Boat Team”. Indonesian Student Union sent 2 teams for this event. The name of first team is “Garuda Di Dadaku” which means Garuda on My Chest, because it means in our heart and every heartbeat we can proud to be Indonesian and can become like the Garuda bird, which is powerful and strong no matter where we are to reach glory and greatness in our own life. And the name of second team is “Garuda Muda” which means Young Garuda bird, because as a young generation, we have big influence for our country, Indonesia, in the future. Many Indonesian people have a lot of expectation and hope towards Indonesian young generation.  They hope that we can become the powerful and strong Garuda Bird.


This thrilling contest lasted for 5 days and there was a night party on the day of Dragon Boat Festival. I really enjoy the atmosphere of this festival, especially the night market around Anping Canal. They sell so many Taiwanese foods and drinks and most of them taste really nice. The opening ceremony was held on June 8. Four days later, at the day of Dragon Boat Festival, they held the final contest and award ceremony.

To prepare for this championship, we practiced for several times between May and early June. Our match was held on June 10, 2013 at 9.24 PM for team ‘’Garuda Di Dadaku’’ and 9.30 PM for team ‘’Garuda Muda’’. Unfortunately, we have to accept the disappointment of losing in the first round. But despite having to accept the defeat, there are lots of precious memories that we got; togetherness, laughter and joy among fellow members of the group can’t be replaced by anything.


-Andre Feliks Setiawan- “Garuda Didadaku”