Angklung team in Indonesia Festival (IF) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST)

Since 2012, Indonesian student union in NPUST always invites us to perform in their event. Besides that they are our neighborhood city and our best friends☺. sure we should go to make their event more success.


This is not the first time we teach others people (from others country) to play angklung. Angklung always get a big attention from others people from others countries who watch us perform. Thus, the committee of IF NPUST asked us to teach people who came to this event to play angklung.

We got our own booth!! First, we played easy song, I choose twinkle twinkle little star. After we played it as an example how to play it, we attract the visitor to played by them. A lot of people came to our booth. Somehow, we were bored with twinkle twinkle song hahaa. But the visitors really excited learned this musical instrument. The booth is the part one of IF event. We still need to perform!!

We got the second turn!! Ahahhaa for this event, we couldn’t check the sound first. But it was alright since we have great performers in our team. We practiced for 2-3 weeks, before the event. We got the turn after the speech. We wait with the heart beats.
It’s our turn, it’s our turn!! The master of ceremony already called our team’s name. The intro from the guitar is started. We played Thousand Years song, our best song. The second song was Cinta, to saw the audience our good Indonesian song.

Yeay we did it!! We did it, the entire job they asked us!!
Don’t forget to invite us again in the next following years, Indonesian student union in NPUST!! We proud, honor and grateful for your invitation. ☺

-Ami Ayu Utami-