Angklung and acoustic team goes to Keelung

Perform. They clap. Got compliment from others. Aaaa this is great. We are addicted with this kind of feeling. And yup!! We are the star for tonight!!

We accepted the offering to have a performance for this event. I thought this is a good opportunity to go to Keelung. And we decided to go to Keelung for this PERPITA event. We practiced almost every night, 2 weeks before the performance. The offering is come after several PERPITA members saw our performance in Indonesia Culture Day 2012. They really amused with our performance that time. Hahahaa. We won’t make you disappointed after inviting us to this event.


We went there at April 27th 11 am in the Saturday. The event was held in the hotel ballroom. Of course, we excited to go there. We perform in the night at 7 pm. To get there, we need about 5 hours by bus. Sing a long, joking, fun chit chat, sleep, eat, sightseeing, all activities that we did to spend that 5 hours of our journey. We own the bus that day!! YEAY!!

We arrived earlier than others because we need to have a rehearsal before our performance. Make sure the microphone is works well, checked the sound, is people in this entire room can hear our performance or not, set up the position and also decided the stage act. Aaa don’t forget about others equipment, such as standing for musical notes scores (actually we replace it with another ‘thing’ because the committee didn’t prepare it for us).

Time to dress up!! We prepared costume for this performance. We decided to use batik skirt for female performers and batik shirt for male performers. Haha don’t be surprised. They look great!!
The master of ceremony called our team’s name!! It’s time to perform!! Go up to the stage. We were preparing all the stuffs. And we were ready to amuse the audience!! The performance begins when Ibu kita kartini song is played. Ya ya yaa of course we got a big applause from audience. The second song is Thousand Years (original song from Christina Perri). Our greatest singer, Lidya Natalia, walked from the behind of the audience. She surprised the audience!! Everyone gave us a big big applause again. They requested us to give another performance after our last success performance. The last song we played is Cinta (original song from Chrisye). This is our biggest success!! The proofed we success to entertain all the audience.

We want more!! We want more!! 😀

-Ami Ayu Utami-