NCKU Spring Festival 2013

International food festival is the main course of 2013 NCKU Spring Festival. All International students coming from different countries participated on this event. Indonesian students as the majority international students in NCKU also join the event by attending an Indonesian food stall which sold authentic Indonesian cuisines such as: tahu and tempe goreng, pecel, puding cantik manis, teh selasih, es sarang burung, and es kacang ijo.

Indonesian Food - Spring Festival 2013

All were SOLD OUT!

Not only selling food, PPI Tainan also rocked the performance stage by a singing choir with angklung and guitar as the music instruments. The famous “Bengawan Solo” song was sung in both Indonesian and Chinese Language. The performance was closed with a song titled “can’t smile without you” by Barry Manilow.

VG and Angklung TeamAwesome Performance from VG and Angklung Team

Hopefully, Indonesian food and culture become even more well-known in Taiwan!