PPI Tainan Presidential Election Debate

Presidential Debate

– From left to right: Andre, Arman, and Budi (video conference) –

The presidential debate was conducted as one of the democracy process to elect new PPI Tainan president.  On February 5, 2013, all the presidential candidates (Andre, Arman, and Budi) were given a chance to explain and sharpen their vision and mission in front of PPI Tainan members. The debate consists of 3 majors parts: vision and mission elaboration, Q&A from election committee, and Q&A from the audience. In the first session, each candidates were given 10 minutes in order to elaborate their vision and mission and for Q&A session, each candidates has 3 minutes to answer every questions addressed.

After around two and a half hours, the debate finished and every candidates were pretty much successful in giving a clear explanation about their program as well as answering every questions and concerns raised by the panel and audience. By exposing each candidate more closely through this event, hopefully PPI Tainan members would be more familiar with their profile and program and able to choose the right person for the new president.

In the end, whoever the president is, unity in diversity has to be promoted and respected becoming the solid base of the organization.

Click here to watch the debate.